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Australian Recreational Fishers Party – Inaugural Executive Committee 

President – Todd Lambert 

Todd is a keen fisherman and has been actively involved in the promotion and protection of our recreational sport fisheries, (salt and freshwater) for many years. 

Secretary – Kevin Harkins 

Kevin is known in the Tasmanian community for his involvement in politics and as the leader of a number of successful community campaigns. Kevin also claims to be a flathead specialist. 

Treasurer – Ange Matthews 

Ange is the proud owner of Zulu Fishing Charterz based in beautiful St Helens on Tasmania’s east coast.  Ange is the current Secretary/Treasurer of the St Helens Game Fishing Club, the immediate past secretary/treasurer of Tasmanian Game Fishing Association, and is continuing in a role as a delegate on the TGFA as a representative from the St Helens Game Fishing Club. 

Ange is the current holder of a number of Tasmanian Women’s Game Fishing records. 

Michael Stevens – Committee Member 

Mike is a past member of Marine Recreational Fisheries Advisory Council (RecFAC – marine) from around the mid-late 1990s to around 2009, and has been member of the Inland Fisheries Advisory Council member several times.  Widely experienced in media, marketing, fisheries advisory groups and recreational fishing. Owner/Publisher of the Tasmanian Fishing and Boating News magazine.

Greg “Tubby” Quinn – Committee Member 

Tubby as he likes to be known, is the owner/operator of Zulu Fishing Charterz based at St Helens.  He is Vice President of the Tasmanian Game Fishing Association (TGFA) and President of the St Helens Game Fishing Club. 

Tubby claims he was fishing before he could walk and given that Zulu Charterz are the winner of a number of prestigious fishing awards, who could doubt him. 

Jason Ivory – Committee Member 

Jason works in the construction industry on the North West Coast of Tassie and is the proud father of 3 children, all of who are fishing mad! 

Jason has been fishing for as long as he can remember and considers fishing as a major part of his life, luckily a passion he shares with the family. 

Jason is actively involved in many of the elements of game fishing industry and will gladly adapt his method to fish for whatever is available. He says all the family practice tag and release out of concern for the sustainability of the fishery.